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Fantasy Baseball 2011

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Tiebreaker loss?

Managed to tie up ERA late last evening. Yet it shows up in the loss column - even though each team finished with a 3.59 ERA. What's up with that, anyone know? I've seen it in a couple leagues, where there's just an asterisk beside someone's score and that person's awarded the win. Can't find info on what that asterisk means.

Under the rules, it still states: "If the two teams end up tied in a given category, each will receive credit for a tied game."
Just a guess, but perhaps Yahoo carries the calculations for the average-based categories out to more decimal places than they display. That's the only possible explanation I can come up with.
That would make a great deal of sense. Of the five matchups that saw a draw in the first two weeks of play, only mine - ERA, average-based - had the split. Pretty unique addition to the game.