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Speaking of trades...

I'm growing a beard here, waiting on some of the managers to address these trade offers. I'm not angry, it's just frustrating when the deal's been on the table for three, four, or five days and you know the managers are actively checking in. This isn't the first time, either.

If you're on a fishing trip for the weekend, cool, that'll slide, but you're managing your team on a daily basis. Just seems like you're waiting for the moment your guy gets hurt, then you'll pull the trigger. That's not cool.

It's not a big deal; it's just the only thing that irks me in fantasy. I'd much rather you reject the offer and call me an "assface" than to let the deal rot there. C'mon, three options. It's not Sophie's Choice.
it's probably because of your war room crimes
Nah, there will always be managers who just let deals sit there. Usually one guy per league. Just not a fan of it.

Hey, has the a-mak embargo been lifted? Or do all proposals require third-party assistance from Trigga? Haha.
trigga will have to smuggle your trade offers across my borders. there's always a market for them here, but the street value is very low.
I answer most trades the moment I look at them, but there are some situations where I will wait to reply.

If a player has an upcoming MRI (or anything diagnostic) scheduled, I will wait a couple days to see what happens. If a player is in a positional battle, I may check out the competition for a couple days before deciding.

If the other manager decides their player has become more valuable in the interim, they can cancel the deal. If they have a better offer come up, they can cancel the deal and accept it. Even if they simply don't want to wait, they can cancel the deal.

I don't see any issue with that at all; I assume most people do the same type of research. I also credit my opponents with being just as aware of their players as I would be - so I guess it's just the risk you run.