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    Speaking of Tam Names

    Speaking of team names, I would like to formally request that Yahoo allow additional letter slots for our team names next season.

    Every year, there are so many team good names that fall by the wayside due to this senseless oversight.

    When Beltran hit 3 taters and I couldn't change my change my team name to "I Beltran So Far Away", it just felt - wrong.

    And now? I add a new player and want to reference "The Dude" (something that should always be encouraged), and I am once again met with the horrible pun injustice that I cannot have the team name:

    "Nobody F**ks With DeJesus"

    Wrong. Just plain wrong.

    Back to the drawing board...
    Tam = Team

    Never proof your posts before coffee...
    While I wholeheartedly agree with you in principle, it probably seems for the best that you're not using the DeJesus nickname -- that Lebowski stuff's in that weird middle ground where it still seems pretty played-out, and not quite yet old enough to be retro-cool.

    Your Flock of Seagulls nick was cool, though; you just have to get creative in order to make it work. For example: I_Beltran_SoFarAway, or BeltRan_So_Far_Away both would have fit.

    May I suggest ChrisUGotSumNarveson? Okay, so that's pretty terrible, but it's totally my kinda terrible. :)
    We need this done soon. I'm running out of time. It won't be long until MBIII retires and I won't be able to use the team name: Marion the Barber Beefcake
    Other names that work but won't quite fit for my team:

    1) Doumit Feels Good To Be a Gansta (Fan of any Office Space Reference)

    2) Jars of Clay Buchholz (Admittedly lame)

    3) Rickie Weeks Sauce (A Gamer Pun)

    4) Everybody Hates Chris Young (Any Chris will work)

    5) A.J. Burnett To The Ground (Nickleback Pun)

    Suggestions being taken...

    I start twitching uncontrollably when "Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta" is referred to primarily as an Office Space reference.

    You know, I wasn't initially a fan of this new message board format (and I still have some issues with it), but there's some cool stuff here -- bullets, different fonts, images, and finally Yahoo! is entering the 21st century by enabling hyperlinks (?!).

    Kind of depressed by the omission of the almighty wingdings, though.

    I grew up on the Geto Boys - but Office Space is still what I picture whenever that song comes on. Perhaps my "minds playin' tricks on me"?

    But I know my music.

    All you (30+ year old) Chicago folks might even remember me from my old B96 radio days. I used to DJ back when Bad Boy Bill was on. (Josh Collins)


    I totally retract my statement then. Any fan of the Geto Boys growing up is a friend, indeed.
    Bushwick Billy Butler

    I needed a name change, as my DL All-Stars are either healthy or gone now.

    Decided to go with a name commemorating my best hitter and pitcher.

    Maicer Arrieta would have been slightly more unique. I'm willing to be nobody's ever named a team after those two before, lol.

    It also sounds like sort of a badass foreign cop.