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Uggla is killing me right now. There's no way anyone saw this coming. Mauer? OK. Liriano? Perhaps. Can't buy a break with this roster.
I think we all knew he wouldn't repeat the career high .330 BABIP, but I wouldn't wish a .188 mark on my worst enemy. OK maybe I would, but not you Steve. That's some bad luck. Plenty of Mondays to go though, there's always a bright side.

I think you can at least take a little bit of comfort in the fact that he's still putting up power numbers at a slugging-scarce position. That is something, at least! He currently has more home runs that Adam Dunn right now, but -- no offense -- I'm really hoping that changes very soon. I can't continue to start El Caballo at 1B and feel good about it (although I suppose it could actually be worse -- I could've paid for the non-services of Kendrys Morales).
Thanks again for out-bidding me, Fitzy.

As for Uggla - he could still turn it around. But, yeah, hard to sugar coat those stats.