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Yahoo Rankings Question

Is there a place I can find what Yahoo's original "O-Ranks" were at the beginning of the season? I've found where they list the top 25 or so - but I was hoping for a "complete" list.

Any help is appreciated ahead of time.
Think if you hit "Players", then change "Available" to "All", you'll have access to all of them.
Thank you for the reply, it's appreciated.

However, if I do that, I'll be able to see what the O-Ranks are now.

I'm looking for what the original o-ranks were when baseball was first launched for this year. I've searched archives, looked in the draft section were you can find the top-25 of them, and emailed support.

Not having luck finding them anywhere...was thinking this would be a great place to ask for help.
Maybe I'm not understanding then how the Yahoo rankings work - there are always a pair of numbers. I just assumed that the first number was the player's original rank going into the season and would remain static throughout the season. I thought the second one reflected the player's performance during the current season and was refreshed after each day's games.

If I'm wrong about that, would appreciate being corrected by someone who understands the ranking system better than I do.

I think they changed the o-ranks for mid-season leagues. I don't know where you can find them, they may be lost in time
Scott/Sherpa - You're half-correct. An "O-Rank" is an overall player rank based on current and prior seasons. Since it
provides such a full spectrum analysis of a players abilities, the
"O-Rank" is the method used for determining auto-picks in our draft for
full Yahoo! Fantasy Sports games.

The second ranking, as you correctly surmised, is the player's "actual" rating. Here is a link to help with any further questions you might have:

MDS - You are correct in that they have changed the ranks since the beginning. And unfortunately, I also think you might also be correct about it being lost in time. Think I might just be SOL.

I joined a keeper league this year that allowed managers to keep 2 players that had an "O-Rank" over 200 at the start of the season. However, now that they've all changed, everyone having kittens about how to handle it. I was just hoping for an easy fix.

Either way - thank you both for the replies. They are appreciated.