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Fantasy Baseball 2011

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Looking for saves...

Any reasonable offer considered - I have some decent OFs and IFs I can move for an established closer.

Then why don't you talk to the guy that took half of baseball's closers in the draft (I keed...sorta!). Frank Francisco was established at one point, does he count? I'd trade him for Jennings right now if you're sick of carrying that dead weight around on your roster that TB seems hell-bent on avoiding.

In all seriousness, though, I'm not exactly sure why you would be actively looking to trade for saves at this particular point in the MLB year. There's almost as much uncertainty in that area right now as there was at the start of the season. Keep an eye on the trade rumors/news, work the FA pool, be aware of the most dispensable player on your roster so you can always act immediately, etc. It's a buyer's market out there.

Not sure why I'm trying to give advice to anyone, though. 2011 has pretty much been a fantasy disaster for me thus far. Can't wait for football.
Fantasy disaster? I think not. You simply ran into MDS. This is not a disaster for you. This is the greatest learning experience of your life!
LoL, fair enough, sonofarotobitch. But what did you learn from my deafening fantasy football championship in the 16 Chambers last year?
Child please. My team was undefeated going into the playoffs. Need I remind you I had Adrian, Arian and McCoy? Weren't you the team with a losing record that got in because his division sucked? Don't confuse playoff luck and having the best team.
Thank you for the replies.

I've just never finished worse than 7th in any league (in any sport) in almost half a decade and I'm starting to get flustered.

I've been watching saves news on twitter - you'll see about a dozen of my posts swearing at different folks beating me to the punch by a few minutes.

But I work in medicine, so I can't always strike when I see the news - which bites. Plus, you know, I'm playing against some really good players here.

My offense has been excellent and my pitching far-from-last place. I think, because I have the day off and I'm a math nerd, I'm going to research and write an article about my bad luck thus far. It will allow for some much-needed venting.


I can't wait for football season.

@Andrew, our division had the best overall record and sent three teams to the fantasy postseason. I had the third most points and was the 2nd seed (yes, to almighty YOU) heading into the playoffs. Lucky? Sure, but not overtly so.

You were also NOT undefeated headed into the playoffs, but whatever -- feel free to keep making shit up as it suits your ginormous ego, eh? ;)

@Sin, it must be nice to have background in medicine. I'm sure it comes it handy when making this difficult add/drop decisions regarding injuries.

I wasn't kidding about trading you Frank Francisco, either, lol.
Oooooohhhh I was 12-1 with two wins over ya. Plus a third Win if we met in the playoffs. Yep.

Ah, Polk High.

I once hit 5 home runs in a single game, there...