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Fowl play

I kind of wished Paul shopped Fowler to me before dropping him. Damn you Brandon Belt!
I tried to shop him, nobody bit. If this were an OBP league, I would've kept him but the fact that he's not stealing bases (he's not even trying) made him cuttable. The steals thing isn't some small sample, either. He's 15-for-23 on swipes over his last 174 games. I suppose he could tally nice runs totals hitting atop the Rockies lineup, but he hasn't even been doing that lately. With zero power what does he really offer? 80-90 runs with a .260 batting average just isn't worth the roster spot on my team.

Good luck with that, Andy.
I too would've offered up a king's ransom (or Fausto Carmona) for Fowler.
Now that, Starbonell, would've actually made my team worse. I wouldn't touch Carmona in a Cleveland Indians SP-only league.

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Say whatever you want, bottom line is, John Danks ain't Fausto Carmona.
you're better off with David Faustino, son of the man who once scored four touchdowns in one game