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Is it me?

Or did someone just trade Tim Lincecum for Carlos Marmol?
Someone did. I've been shopping him, but people keep turning me down. I still have Marcum, Floyd, and E. Santana. Make me offers. All my SP will end up elsewhere shortly...
That's what happens when someone surges ahead in Innings Pitched, they deal expensive SP for Saves. Tiny Tim has sucked with Whiteside at Catcher. I'm hoping that continues. The Pujols for Ellsbury/Lind trade is looking pretty good for you Paul.

That trade has been working out for me since before Pujols got hurt. Now, it just makes it look even better. Sucks, though. I wouldn't wish a key injury like that on anybody.

I'm in the market for a starter, Dave. Send me an email, tell me what you're looking for.

Re: Pujols

I love fantasy baseball. I hate fantasy baseball.

That is all.