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Fantasy Baseball 2012

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Empire Keeper Dynasty Year I Message Board

Strange Schedule?

I'm just curious, commish, if you set the schedule yourself or if it was automatic. It seems we are not playing our interdivisional teams twice (some once, some twice) while we are playing outside of division teams more than once. I thought it was standard to play your division foes twice and other teams once.

Also, maybe we ought to decide now--are we going to redistribute divisions every year, or just keep the same ones year after year?

I set the teams in each division but had nothing to do with the schedule.

As for keeping or resetting the divisions after this year i haven't even given that thought. Just focused right now on this year.

Umm, what's going on here? I thought the commissioner of this league was Interpol. Why is Jeff (inside pitch) answering my question? Something seems a bit fishy. Care to explain??????

Oooopppss, sorry, got the message and thought it was for me for another league that I am commissioner of (Evans Transportation).
Ah, okay. I see. Just a little strange. I've heard stories of people playing two teams in the same league, making trading simple. Just wanted to make sure that wasn't going on here! No offense taken, I hope.

No problem, I knew what you initially thought.
Gee, I hadn't studied the sched. Lemme take a look at it.

It just seemed a given to me that we would have two divisional rivalry weeks.
And as for now, I'm the only commish, but I appreciate any and all suggestions from people with commish experience and suggestions like these in general in order to make sure we cross all the I's and dot all the T's (you just have to get used to me talkin' like Yogi Berra sometimes).

Teams will stay in their divisions!

Teams within a division can discuss amongst themselves what they'd like to call their division and that will hold until more than two GM's in that division leave the league or are let go for not playing.
After reviewing the sched, it's totally unfair.

Only one division faces each other twice, while the rest do some twice and others once.

The sched will be changed so that the original 1st week will be the way it is and that everyone faces each divisional rival twice, and I'll have that finalized in the next hour or so. I'm just monkeying with the sched features to figure out if it can do it for me or if I have to do it by customization.
Ok, wasn't actually difficult to do.

The sched is set. Every team plays their divisional rivals twice and only twice, and then plays every other team once and some of 'em twice.

Nobody plays the same team in back-to-back weeks, but I a couple of us play each other twice in the span of 3 and 4 weeks. Most of us tend to have a couple teams we play twice in the span of 5 and 6 weeks, meaning twice in one half of the season and zero times in the other half, but that's baseball. There are always a couple teams you don't see until later in the season while there are others that you get it all out of the way early.

That's great. i think it is probably more appropriate this way.
Yeah, for sure. One division faced each other twice before the change, while one other division only had one rematch the whole season.