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Fantasy Baseball 2012

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Empire Keeper Dynasty Year I Message Board

Minimum Innings pitched window?

Any idea why the minimum innings pitched window isn't showing up on our team pages? In all my other leagues, it is there, along with a Notes section. In our league, the min innings thing isn't there.
Ah, I just saw why! The rule has been removed for this week!
Yeah, it just seemed weird going into the weekend and a lot of teams not even seeing their #3 or #4 starting pitchers pitch.

I just put the 35 minimum back up and I'm hoping it doesn't undo anything from last week, at which point I'll have to figure out how other leagues work it because 2 of my other leagues also waived the requirement last week.
Ok, just learned I have to re-instate the requirement Tuesday, not today, to make sure last week's stats stick.