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Fantasy Baseball 2012

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Don't take it too personally...just trying to keep things interesting!


Current leader Interpol has shown strength throughout, but it is still close, with Picked Off and Cardinal Sin in a showdown for second. Picked Off picked up an important win in week 8 to move him into 2nd in the division.

INTERPOL shot from the gate with three straight wins, and has lost only twice since, one close one to Sleeper Keeper, and one not so close one to Pescadores. Interpol can be explosive offensively, however, as can be seen by him holding the single week records for both HRs and RBIs. Interpol’s entries into the pitching record book, however, are a bit hard to decipher. He holds the record for best ERA and WHIP for a week (1.42 and a stunning 0.83), as well as the worst WHIP—an “ouch” 1.67 until recently overtaken by SleeperKeeper’s grisly 1.86 in week 8.

FIREFOXJR has turned it around after a horrible first two weeks that included a 0-12 drubbing by Chin Musicians, and has picked up a few wins as of late. If not for a few hard luck ties, he might be higher up the division. It’s hard to know what the future holds for this team, given his four catcher strategy as well as not using the DL or removing inactive players. Can someone nudge him and make sure he’s awake? It’s hard to tell if Firefoxjr’s league-leading .298 AVG and .836 OPS is a fluke or the real thing.

CARDINAL SIN just can’t seem to get it going so far this year. Two wins, two losses. Struggling to get a win streak going, he will need a few wins in weeks 10 and 12 against division rivals Interpol and Picked Off in order to give him a chance to turn it around. He can be trusted to make the changes, though, as Cardinal Sin has shown himself to be an active trader in the league, including trading for Brandon Beachy and his sensation season to date. Cardinal Sin just completed a blockbuster trade with Pescadores, picking up a future HOFer in McCutchen and a great KC catcher for another HOFer, Miguel Cabrera.

PICKED OFF likes to live life on the edge if the scores are any indicator, with both wins and losses by 6-4 and 7-5 margins. It’s been enough to keep him in second place in his division, but I’m sure he would be more comfortable with some bigger victories. He’s got some strong pitching to lead him into the next session, and Josh Reddick is the surprise offensive pick up that is lending some help. How did you know?

This is a wide open division, with all teams locked in heated battle and jockeying for position. Still anyone’s division at this point.

ROSSMARLINS219 made a strong start with three wins in a row, but stumbled for a few weeks before regaining his form with a win over Pescadores in week 7 and returning to the top of the division after week 8. Rossmarlins219 has certainly been enjoying David Wright’s fine start to the season, but will it be enough?

Will the real HEMP HEADS please stand up? It’s hard to judge this team by its record of w-w-l-l-t-w-l-l, but he’ll need to starting piling up Ws if he wants to match up in the close division 2. He’s got the arms in the bullpen to do it, if our record book is any indication. Hemp Heads logged 87 strikeouts in week 6. 87! We’ll take that as a challenge, I think. Hemp Heads faces a dilemma in his roster, however—can El Caballo keep trudging away at 1B long enough for Ryan Howard to get back from the DL?

After a shaky start, PESCADORES got hot in weeks 4 to 6 with big victories that helped to keep him competitive in a very tight divisional race. This team’s emphasis on starting pitching has given him the weekly and league lead for Ws.

The surging SLEEPER KEEPER shrugged off the bad luck of the first three weeks for four straight wins, including a 10-2 taming of the Blue Jays. While he looked like a lamb for the first three weeks, it appears we may have a lion on our hands—he’s notched 5 straight wins! The loss of Ellsbury doesn’t seem to have slowed Sleeper down, and woe betide us all when he returns.

With a record of 7-1, Days of the Week has the best record in the league and a comfortable lead in his division. Don’t look back, though—Gr8Carter and Inside Pitch are close enough to threaten. The Blue Jays are still looking for their first win.

After a week 1 loss, MTWTHFSASU rocketed to victory in the next six straight weeks. Can this powerhouse be stopped? It may be difficult, given that he has the weakest strength of schedule in the league. He showed his true power with 10 to 1 and 10 to 2 clobberings of Metropolis Monarchs and Blue Jays. As they say, the rich get richer—not only does Michael Bourn help M-Sun hold the stolen bases record for the league, but in week 8 he even hit two HRs in one game. As if to complete the insult, M-Sun picked up a vultured win from Wade Davis. Yankees Rules must have been shaking his head in disgust. This team also holds the league lead for saves.

After a strong start, GR8CARTER has gone through an awful stretch of four losses and a tie, finally picking up a win in week 8. Weeks 4 to 6 were especially brutal, with Gr8Carter scoring a total of only 5 points against Chin Musicians, Inside Pitch and Pescadores. With this week’s victory over Hemp Heads, however, it looks like the comeback is on. Is Gr8Carter’s strategy of exactly zero roster moves the chink in his armor or the mark of pure genius?

INSIDE PITCH hasn’t managed back to back wins since week 2, though he came from behind for a nice win in week 8. He’s logged a few heartbreaking 4-6, 4-7, 5-6 defeats to Interpol, Yankees Rules, and Metropolis Monarchs. He’s close enough often enough, so it’s easy to see Inside Pitch can get the wins with a little more luck. Can he get it together to compete for the division lead? In regards to his roster, Inside Pitch is laughing with his picks of Ethier, Furcal and Jake Peavy who have greatly outshined their draft positions! It’s a good thing, because Inside Pitch also suffered through Pujols’ growing pains.

There’s not much positive news in BLUE JAYS dugout this year. Still winless, he has to wonder if his strategy of holding the All-Stars of 2016 is appropriate. With 7 players on the DL, 7 players in the minors or inactive, there is lots of room for roster improvements. It’s not too late for a turnaround, but it had better happen fast if he wants to grab that playoff position this year. Hang in there, it’s bound to come soon. Maybe a roster reshuffle might help inspire a victory.

Another close division, this one is still anyone’s to win or lose. Chin Musicians is clinging to the lead.

After a strong start, winning 3 of his first 4, YANKEES RULES has hit upon some
hard times, unable to get a win in the last 4 weeks. Clearly a fan of the AL East, Yankees Rules holds no fewer than nine AL East pitchers. Look for plenty of action with this team, as he is no fan of sitting still.

The sometimes inconsistent METROPOLIS MONARCHS sits with a 3-4-1 record after this week. He showed his power when everything is going well in week 3 with a 10-2 smackdown of division rival Rattlers, but bookended it with a few putrid performances against interdivisional foes Interpol, Hempheads, and M-Sun. Which team will emerge the rest of the season—the one we saw against Rattlers or the wreck? Monarchs has to hope that his prescient picks of Carlos Beltran and Adam Jones keep up their torrid pace. Definitely among the best values of the draft! With a number of key division matchups remaining, Monarchs’ play will certain affect the standings in his division. Monarchs’ inconsistency is certainly explained by the fact that he has the toughest strength of schedule in the league.

It’s all or nothing for CHIN MUSICIANS, who offers both lopsided victories as well as lopsided defeats. After crushing Firefoxjr and Gr8Carter by a combined 22-2, he suffered a similar defeat to Pescadores. This week’s matchup against Picked Off was crucial, with … Chin Musicians also holds a lock on holds for the league. Hold it..,wait, that’s too many holds. He HAS the lead for holds, both for one week (9) and for the season.

With the exception of one bad loss to Metropolis Monarchs, RATTLERS is keeping it close in every matchup. If a few tough losses had been wins, he would be in better shape. He’s still right in the thick of it, however, and a few more wins could secure a playoff spot in Division 4. New addition Bryce Harper is helping things out, as is Josh Hamilton. So the reach for Harper was worth it, right, Rattlers? Rattlers came out of week 8 with a big win.

Now that is truely scary! Somebody has just a tad too much time on their hands and NO life. Wow!

Hah, well done. Very enjoyable read, still got 3 teams or so who seem a bit inactive at the moment. Hopefully they'll pick up the pace as the All Star Game approaches.
Ha ha! Actually, the opposite is true--it was a supreme moment of procrastination while facing of a mountain of work.
I loved it!
Great stuff!