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Fantasy Baseball 2012

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FR/FS Keeper 2012 Message Board

Nice win Eric

Congrats on being league champion!
Thanks Jeff and Ric! Winning this league is truly an honor. This is a very competitive league, and it takes a lot of luck to get all the way to the end. I was afraid that Ric was gonna resume his spot at the top, but somehow my team did just enough to pull out the win. Good thing, too, because he owned the tie-breaker between us. You guys (and gal) take care until next year!
Congrats Eric on your league championship; your right it is a great league and it is tough to win. Ric , again it is an honor to participate in your league and do battle with these managers all year; it's a credit to you Ric on just how successful the league is. See ya next year guys and gals!

Batters : Pujols-1b / LAA
Kipnis-2b / Cleve
Beltre-3b / Tex
Bourn-CF / Atl
Hart-RF / Milw
Crawford-LF / LAD
Aybar-SS / LAA
Bautista-3b / Tor
Encarnacion-1b/3b / Tor

Pitchers : Cain-SP / SF
Cueto-SP / Cinn
Morrow-SP / Tor
Hanson-SP / Atl
Papelbohn-RP / Phil
Valverde-RP / Det
Wow. Nice win. And of course, I know it wasn't an easy win, beating the back to back to back to back champion. Congratz to Ric also, and the third place winner. See you next year.