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bossman junior for an upgrade at catcher.

anybody interested? keep in mind "upgrade at catcher" pretty much means warm blooded breathing baseball player at this point.

I had mentioned this in the other thread but thought maybe a dedicated post would attract more attention.
Forgive my ignorance, but who is bossman junior? Assuming this trade goes through, I could entertain offers on my catchers. Let me know!
B.J. Upton
Thanks! That was my assumption, but was not certain.
We definitely didn't collude, and yeah, I needed someone ASAP because trades take for freakin' ever to go through and I won't have any adjustments on my roster until Tuesday, so the longer you waited, the longer I waited.

I like Dirks's numbers, and McCann's are crap. McCann should come around, and Dirks is around right now and if he stays that Tigers lineup, he'll get pitches to see.