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Fantasy Baseball 2012

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AZ SnakePit Message Board

quiet league

hello? is this thing on? even the comments on azsp are at zero. is anybody enjoying this league? playoffs have been fun so far, right?
I'm just sitting back, awaiting my next opponent. Oh, by the way. The Missoula Osprey are 2012 Pioneer League Champs!
do you play the winner of my game with weiter or the other game? congratulations on your high finish. I hope to see you in the next round or the one after that!
No, my team is playing the winner of Weiterz and Rallies. Hope my team used the week off to rest up for their playoff matchup.
I am the rallies ;D
and I hope your team has rested on it's laurels and become fat and over confident.
Hahahahahaha! Slammers gets the winner of your series. I double checked to make sure and in the settings you'll see that the playoff reseeding option is set to "no". I eagerly await my next victim!
giancarlo come back! I'll do anything!