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League Record Book

Yesterday reds1869 tied the league record for Wins in a single day with three. Good job man. The odd thing about it is that is the 9th time a team has racked up three Wins in a day but nobody has ever gotten four or more.

As far as I know this is the first season that Yahoo has kept track of such records. If anyone has any information regarding records from previous seasons please let me know. I plan to keep a list of all-time records for the league as the seasons go by.

Right now Yahoo is only tracking daily records. I am going to make a league record book that keeps track of the best seasonal and all-time totals for each stat category and publish it in our Redszone thread so we have a permanent record of the great things that happened in prior seasons. If you guys have any ideas to add please post them here. It will be something neat to add to the league.

Thanks, AD. I love the new feature and think the idea of a league record book is great.

Hey Nick,

I have previously as Commissioner of our Redszone Old-Timers League ran a website for our past and present league members to look at and enjoy. However I had to give it up (and the records) due to too many irons in the fire, so to speak. It was so much fun to do but alot to maintain. Perhaps this is something you might have time.

Best Wishes,


Joseph just tied the league record for most Stolen Bases in a single day with 5. Well done Joseph! He matched the record set by HayPay earlier this year.

Jerry thanks for your comments. It should be a fun project. Unfortunately we don't have the daily records for previous seasons, but we do have all the seasonal data still available for me to compile into a record book. Keeping a record book will help emphasize that this is a long-term league that will see teams rise and fall and keep people focused on the fact that building for the future is key to your success. The teams that are setting records now may not be the same teams that break them later.

I think a record book is interesting. It helps make an unusually productive day stand out as something truly noteworthy. It can be exciting when you realize your team just did something that has never been done before. It gives you bragging rights until your record is broken.

I have 5 starters going July 4th with the sole intention of breaking this record! :)


I had to do something right in this league eventually :)
Tornon tied the league record with 3 Wins in one day on July 6th. Somebody needs to break that record because that was the 10th time someone tied the record for wins in one day. Who can be the first to get four wins in one day?