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Fantasy Baseball 2013

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Bleed Cubbie Blue League Message Board

Draft Order

Hey Commish,

Would it be possible to get our draft order soon? You could go to to generate a random order and then manually set the order in the league settings. This would allow teams to plan more specific strategies for the draft. Just a thought...

I'm looking forward to a great season with you guys! Go Cubbies!
Hmm. Interesting idea. What does everyone else think of that?
There is an option under commish tools that allows you to finalize the teams list and randomize the draft order.
I'm good with whatever, whether it's finding out 5 min before the draft or 5 weeks. As long as everyone finds out around the same time frame I'm indifferent.
Set the order now sounds great!
I'm good either way, so whatever the majority is.

Hey Everyone

I am good either way as well. I'll go with majority as well.

Thanks and Good Luck


I'm up for whichever too. Looking forward to it.


I like knowing early in order to prepare, so that's my vote.
The sooner the better for me! March 10 can't come any sooner.
I wouldn't mind knowing sooner either, that way I can do a little prep work for when I draft Good Luck and Go CUBS!!