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It seems there are no objections to setting the draft order now, so I will do so. What that means is that I have to lock the league so no one can leave. Now I can unlock the league, but then we lose the draft order and we have to start all over again.

I want everyone to be present at the draft on March 10. I picked a Sunday evening because very few people have anything planned on Sunday night. (That's why most of the good TV shows are on Sunday night.) If something comes up and you can't make the draft, I really urge you to take on a co-owner to do your drafting for you. Hopefully you'll set a draft order list in advance so that your wishes get respected.

I've never been in a league this large so we all need to be patient with each other. I also want to come up with awards or something that would keep people who fall behind early to stay interested. (15th place can be demoralizing) I'm open to suggestions in that area.

Oops on that last post. Someone has dropped out since the league was announced, so we're one owner short. As soon as we get that 16th owner, I'll lock the league.
Just FYI... co-owners do not have the ability to make picks during the draft. They can enter the draft room and view everything that s going on. I believe they can even participate in the chat and help update their team's queue list... but they do not have the ability to draft players.

Thought you'd want to know since you asked managers to find a co-manager to draft for them, if a manager is unable to be at the draft.
Well that's messed up. If they can update the queue though, they can draft because they could just put someone at the top of the queue and they'd be automatically drafted once time ran out. I can also adjust the owners so whomever was drafting would be the primary owner.

Of course, one could always let their partner sign in under their name, but I don't recommend that unless you know that person well. Even then, I'd change the password immediately afterwards.