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Fantasy Baseball 2013

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Bleed Cubbie Blue League Message Board

How much time should be given for each draft pick?

  1. 30 seconds

    1 votes
  2. 45 seconds

    2 votes
  3. 60 seconds

    0 votes
  4. 90 seconds

    0 votes
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I'll pick in the time allotted to me i suppose. It will be the same for everyone so no one will get an unfair advantage. I definitely would say no more than 60 seconds though. Any of 30-60 are doable.

And honestly I think where you'll be wanting to use more time is later in the draft. Just like in real baseball a draft/your league is won with your picks from t he middle of the draft on. You can't really go wrong with a Votto/Trout/McCutchen pick. Taking that extra 15 seconds in the 12th round might win you the league.

I can tell from your finishes last season of 9th place in a 12 team league and 10th place in an 11 team league, that that strategy must really work for you :)
dang yahoo profile i will say in my defense those are two keeper leagues im in its a keep 20 cut 5 so it takes time to rebuild i tore down and began rebuilding a couple years ago doing a couple 1 and done leagues this year for the firat time in a while

im still game for however much time as long as i get tony campana to dominate steals

and no punctuation in that message because the message board doesnt jive with my phone apparently.
I have two things to say about this. First is that people really have a lot more than 30 seconds to pick and that's what a queue is for. You should be using the time that other people are picking in (which could be as long as 15 minutes) to make a list of players that you want to take when it's your turn to pick. Yes, I know things can get dicey when the guy you wanted got taken one pick before, but that's why you build a queue of five or six players. Major league teams pick in about five seconds: they call the team's name and they're expected to say a name immediately. They can do this because they have a long queue of players in the order they want them.

Second, In the post that announced this league I said that there would be 30 seconds a pick. No one signed up for this league without that knowledge.

Fair enough. You're all going down either way!