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I've been playing fantasy sports for 20 years and have never been in a league where players never become lose their waiver status. Whats the logic behind choosing this rule if I may ask?
Because I hate that whomever has enough time and/or work schedule to sit by the computer during the day gets a player who just got named the closer, starter or called up from the minors. I don't think that's fair to people who work during the day. This way, everyone gets a chance to react to breaking news and not just who happens to be sitting on their computer.
I agree with Eric. Doesn't make any sense.
Yeah, half the fun of fantasy is being first to pull the trigger on some stud. Having to wait a day no matter what is incredibly lame.

This is coming from a guy who is blocked from Yahoo Fantasy at work.
Not to mention is ridiculous to have to burn a waiver claim to pick up someone who is merely filling in for someone who had to go on the DL
I can see both sides of the argument. Having been in an ultra aggressive league where one guy is always online during the day being the first to get everything it will be a nice change to have a chance.
And while we're at it... why should we have to wait an additional day until a player picked up on waivers is on your team. I claimed a couple of players this morning, but can't plug them in to my lineup until tomorrow?? I see no reason for that.
They had to have today for travel; they be in uniform tomorrow!
Can we put this to a vote? While I also have been (and currently am) in leagues where there is one guy who sits on the computer all day, it doesn't help when I wake up and find out someone is on the DL and can't replace him the same day.
No, we cannot. Yahoo! will not let me change the rules after the season starts. I'm sorry that so many of you are so upset about this, but the time to mention this was before the season started.

As far as resetting the waiver priority, when was the last time in a mixed league that such a thing made any difference? It only comes into play when someone drops a player, and all the best players are on a "Can't drop" list anyway. In single leagues I can understand when a player gets traded over from the other league, but it makes no difference in mixed from my experience.

So again, I'm sorry that there are different rules from what some of you are used to, but isn't that the whole fun of playing fantasy baseball? Being able to play in different environments and under different conditions?

bunch of cry babies. It is the same rules for everyone don't act like your getting screwed.