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Fantasy Baseball 2013

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BYB Verlander League Message Board

Couple questions

I'm pretty sure we are waiting for one more spot to fill up. Which is probably why we haven't started working out a draft time yet, but roughly when we looking to have this draft? Like a week before opening day?

Just was curious! Just getting excited; this will be my first fantasy baseball league. :P (have played other fantasy leagues for years)

~Thanks Brandon~
The last spot has been offered to a couple of different people, but neither has signed up for the league yet. We can do the draft whenever. Since this is a roto league, we can have an odd number of teams.

True true.. used to head to head in other fantasy leagues!

P.s Laughed when first read your name hah!

quick question, the P spot is that a bench for the pitchers or are they in play pitchers if that makes sense?

You'll get credit for the stats if they are in the P slot. Bench pitchers will literally be in a bench spot (no credit if they are on the bench).

Another question, How do i send a player to a DL list? B/c i have 3/4 guys on DL list, so was gonna add someone but i cant. How i do add a player to DL?

Move him to the DL in the same way you would move someone to the starting lineup.