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Draft date/time

Idk if you sent out emails or w/e, but just wanted to post to see when we were thinking of setting up a Draft date/time.. Or we could use this thread to figure that out, as a group!

For me im available all thursday... im actually on spring break not this next week but in 2 weeks... I work on Fri, Sat, and Sun nights from 4-(to around) 11pm... So on mon. and wed. i be open for the night

I work nights as well as I work for a newspaper. I realize that's odd so I won't be too picky about the draft time. If not I'll set to autodraft and say tough shit. I am free Sundays and Mondays so if we could do something then it would be good.
As far as a date, I'm thinking it should be 1-4 weeks before the season starts.
Since I'm 3 hours behind because I live in Pacific time, I'd prefer something not in the morning/early afternoon Eastern time as I have class/work during that time, though during the weekend I can make any time work. Also Wednesday's are probably the one day that wouldn't work for me.
I'm pretty flexible. Whatever works for everyone else.
i'm also rather flexible for times. i'm a grad student, we're good at moving times around
So it sounds like a Monday night would work best? How about March 18th at 9 pm?
march 18 at 9 would be perfect for me.
That would be perfect for me. Any day after 8:00pm would work for me.

Mon. 9pm be good for me
That date/time works for me too.
March 18th at 9 PM is good for me as well.
monday march 18 9 pm is good