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Little Confused

Confused on how this scoring works. How do they calculate the certain points? I was trying to understand the breakdown of the standings, but was hoping someone might be able to explain better than my hypothesis hah.

Also, is it fine to have 1 closer? or is it recommended to try and have 2 closers on roster?

It's based on how you rank in each category. The best team gets 14 points, 2nd best gets 13 points, 3rd best gets 12 points and so on. Then they add your total points, player with the highest points win. You can see the breakdown if you click on "full standings."

Ties are probably the trickiest. Right now we have two players tied in OPS:

1. Dewittiots - 1.000

2. BSells12 - .606

3. A Coke and a Smyly - .250

4. Twisted Fister - .000

4. Choke Artists - .000

Dewittiots gets 14 points, BSells12 gets 13 points, A Coke and a Smyly gets 12 points. Twisted Fister and Choke Artists are tied, one would get 11 points, the other would get 10 points. So they average it out (11+10)/2, and give each 10.5 points.

The did the same thing with the next 9 teams. None of them had an AB, so they are all tied for 6th in the category. (9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1)/9 = 5, so each team gets 5 points in this category.

No one currently has a save yet, so we are all tied. (14+13+12+11+10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1)/14 = 7.5, so we all get 7.5 points in this category.

Ok! totally making a lot more sense! Yeah was getting confused by how the numbers were getting calculated. After what you said pretty logical now! Thanks I appreciate the help!