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Fantasy Baseball 2013

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BYB Verlander League Message Board

My whole Teams slump...

Wow is it just me or my whole team is in a batting/pitching slump....

I thought i did pretty good for my first draft minus not getting a closer, but looking after the 3 days of games im getting destroyed in every single category.... :[

You and me both. I thought I drafted decently but I'm getting crushed too; also doesn't help when 3 of my ptichers and starting 3B go on the DL. Hoping things will pick up as more games get played.
Yea, idk whats going on.... Am I doing something wrong with my lineups? :/ never can get in the positive pts. always losing points... just confused :[
Anyone is available for trade, ya even cano, gotta show me something i really like for cano. For those who sent me trades for cano earlier.