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Fantasy Baseball 2013

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BYB Verlander League Message Board

darn you Team Fister

I logged on to get Valverde and you beat me to it :)
Gotta be quicker than that to beat the guy who runs the blog (when Kurt and Al are busy)

You like picked him up before i saw it on any sports site.. lol

Still looking for a closer and backup catcher.. that Cubs relief pitcher isnt closer (yet hopefully)

it helps when the guy that drafted a huge number of closers hasn't been online since. he's got players on the DL just sitting in play. it's one thing to have a normal lineup and stop; it's another one to basically have 4-5 closers and only two SP
ik ive sent him a few trade proposals waited a few days than realized he's not playing :/
Who quits in week one? Hopefully he's just on Spring Break somewhere warm and forgot to check in-between drinks.
Is he one of the BYB regulars?