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NA roster spot

How does everyone feel about adding an "NA" roster spot? Apparently Yahoo just invented this. The spot can be used to reserve a player that is currently in the minor leagues.
I love this idea.
I'm for it.

How do we organize the "draft"?

does that count for players that are in rehab assignments?
No, players on rehab assignments would probably still be on the DL. This spot would only qualify for players with the "NA" next to their name.

On that note, how do people feel about adding another DL slot?

yes. MUCH MUCH YES. how about 2 more DL spots?

memememememmememe got 3 ppl on dl now dropped 1 of em b/c couldnt handle not having manuever room. im in for an extra dl spot

rephrase that had 4 dropped one

Alright, here's the deal. I added two DL slots, so now we have four instead of two. Since we have more teams, it makes sense to have more DL slots because the guys on waivers suck more (due to deeper rosters).

As for the NA roster slot, here's what we will do. Everyone has until Friday at 11:59 pm to send me a list of three "NA" players that they would like to add, ranked in order of preference. I will add the "NA" roster spot at that time and manually put your choices onto your teams based on the league standings at that time (which will technically be Friday morning, since I'm not waiting until Yahoo updates at like 4 am to do this).

IMPORTANT POINT: I have gone through the rosters and will be keeping track of transactions over the next couple days. Long story short, if you add Wil Myers tomorrow afternoon and don't get him through this mini-draft that we're doing, I'm going to take him off your roster and stick you with the bum you had already. For those that already have an "NA" player on their roster, you can either choose to stick him in the NA slot (just email me and say you want to do this instead of entering the Wil Myers sweepstakes) or can send me a list of three NA players like everyone else.

If anyone has a better idea of how to do this, please share. I thought that this would reward those who are still checking their teams while helping to level the playing field for those stuck in the bottom of the league at the moment. Sorry, whoever drafted Chris Davis.

And check your trade offers! I've sent them to at least four or five of you and nobody is responding. Yadier Molina is officially on the trading block.


rob, is it work poking Jim Bunn, who hasn't made any sort of moves since february? is he even playing anymore?
I think that we should determine the draft order/players received by the waiver ranking, not standings... this would effectively balance out the people who drafted towards the end of the draft and vice versa...
I also e-mailed you, but I'd like to use Mike Olt for my N/A spot since I drafted him and have been hanging on to him.

Oh, and it was me who drafted Chris Davis.