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Fantasy Baseball 2013

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BYB Verlander League Message Board

ALAL's Trading Post

Ok heres what i got for you guys! I'm kind of this junkie that seems to be on this page way too much already and i dont even know what im doing haha. But i want to throw out to you guys my players that are available and what im really looking for in return. You might say thats what trading block is for, right? I just feel you can't really tell what you want or thinking through the trading block. So let's get too it!

I have two positions i feel i have great depth in that I'm willing to get rid of to spread the depth to my other positions.

OF's: Everyone is very available, but AJax (comeon do i need to explain why?)

2B: Omar Infante, Michael Young

What im looking for!

SP: Doesn't need to be someones #1 pitcher, but looking