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    BYB Verlander League Message Board

    ALAL's Trading Post

    Ok heres what i got for you guys! I'm kind of this junkie that seems to be on this page way too much already and i dont even know what im doing haha. But i want to throw out to you guys my players that are available and what im really looking for in return. You might say thats what trading block is for, right? I just feel you can't really tell what you want or thinking through the trading block. So let's get too it!

    I have two positions i feel i have great depth in that I'm willing to get rid of to spread the depth to my other positions.

    OF's: Everyone is very available, but AJax (comeon do i need to explain why?)

    2B: Omar Infante, Michael Young

    What im looking for!

    SP: Doesn't need to be someones #1 pitcher, but looking for #2-3s

    Closer: Like SP doesnt need to be outstanding closer but someone that can easily hit 30saves

    ULT: just a great utility player that can play multiple positions

    Send me any trade offers you would like love to look at offers. And anyone reading this tell me what us what your looking for or what you need! Don't forget send those offers!!! :D


    5 Great pieces I'm willing to let go of for right price! These players I feel will give a lot of talent too team that are in to trade for em.

    OF Brett Gardner

    1B Adam LaRoach

    1B,2B,3B Michael Young

    2B Omar Infante

    OF Jon Jay

    Send your offers! Looking for SP and a Closer!


    Anyone do a package deal of Michael young and Gardner for like possibly a under performing above average player?