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Shouldn't the worst record on up have the best waiver spot. I mean the 2nd overall team in the league gets gallardo when i had a wavier in for him since he was dropped. Im 9th in the league but get picked over by the 2nd overall team.... just think kinda dumb b/c he improves more while us guys lower in the standings get picked over
I believe if you've made a move through waivers, you get bumped to the bottom of the order. Not completely sure, but maybe Rob could verify or change it.
Correct, that's how the waivers system is set up for this league (it's Yahoo's default setting). I can change it if people really want me to.
Initially, they set it up as the reverse of the draft order. Then if you use a waiver pick, you get sent down to the bottom.

The front page tells you where you are in the pecking order, under the "waiver" column.

Yeah I know how it works just saying seems a little unfair. I still would of had to wait 8 spots for a chance, but just seemed to me that a top 3 team gets first chance at waivers ( think he was 3rd on wavier wire). When the teams at the bottom of the standings are making moves on waivers (making them lose waiver spots) trying to improve and have a fighting chance against these top teams in the standings. But instead a top team improves and lets the lower teams continue in the rat race, going in circles, trying to make it too the top 5.

I probably would of not even had a shot at gallardo anyway being in 9th spot, but just feel it would be fair for the people on the bottom of the standings.

Sorry for the little rant.... I have like 8 people on the DL 2 being my aces Weaver and Grenke. Was hoping to get gallardo to take one of there spots..

As the guy that dropped him, I'm enjoying this thread thoroughly.
hahah why you drop him anyway? the arrest?

This is just a guess, but probably because he's 0-1 with a 6.61 ERA and 1.776 WHIP.
Ik, but he's still a teams ace.. on a team that doesnt have the run support yet

with rameriz, braun (in and out) etc.

I think the current setting is good, there has to be some repercussion/reward for good/poor drafting spots... doesn't make much sense to reward the person who was able to pick up Cabrera over the person who had to pick 13 spots later...
basically this. take a look at my pitching. He was the worst pitcher not on the DL on my team. I always find pitching; it's the hitting i can't seem to ever get. Would love to exchange some pitching (and possible new closers) for middle infield help
and then he goes and has a fantastic outing. ROFL
why i wanted him lol.. I trade you for SP or closer send me a offer