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Fantasy Baseball 2013

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BYB Verlander League Message Board

I didn't expect to win the league...

...because I'm not as good at fantasy baseball as many others, but this last-place-i-look-like-the-damn-cubs thing is getting old.


I was down there aswell the first full week week and a half i was on the bottom i even hit like 20pts for awhile... Just gotta wait for the bats too wake up

I was moving up quite a bit, then Reyes and a couple others got injured and Prince went slumping. Just trying to tread water until some guys heal up.
Hehe if I jump 20 points, I'm still in 12th place :)

Whatever the case, I'm not going to quit playing every day.

you're telling me. When you have guys like Jeter, A-ram, BJ Upton, and Jason Heyward deciding to suck all at once, it tends to hurt your team. even my big bopper in Pujols hasn't been very good
I got lucky with a lot of my sleepers. Honestly, I thought I'd be dropping Mark Reynolds after about 2 weeks. Right now I could do without Ben Zobrist and I'll probably trade him at a fair price. I'm just afraid that if I trade him someone will get injured and then I'll drop like a rock.
Loooooooooong season my friend.