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Fantasy Baseball 2013

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Floaty Be Thy Balls Message Board

Hello all!

Since it's come to my attention that we don't use the same screen names here that we do at AA, I figure we should introduce ourselves, right? So I'm Mike, or mzvalaren on AA.
Rich, AKA revans. More of a lurker than active member but I couldn't say no to fantasy baseball with intelligent baseball fans
I'm Jeff/Keithsmoustache, and you're not helping my addiction to fantasy baseball leagues
Did everyone see the second league that was just added? I think I'm going over to that one. More official and stuff. I'd number is 43551 and the password is TRAID

Manic McReynolds. Some call me . . . Patrick.

I'm Tom ( Myron kondrake), I just noticed the draft date & I will not be available on March 9. If that date is locked in I will have to drop out. Let me know. Thanks
No, nothing's locked in. I imagine we'll all agree on a date and time once we get two more teams and the league's all full.
Hey gents, I'm Gideon, aka, raggedmestizo over at AA. I'm a very infrequent poster there, so I'll be looking to gain some notoriety hereabouts!
More official? Mzv's got us set up for 7x7. We're counting knet savez AND savez! Ya know, like derivatives traders.
don't post that often. love the site. AA handle is SteelMetKap
Hey dudes I'm Gary Oak from AA and I am so upset I missed both both chances for the official AA fantasy baseball league but man this can still be fun.
Sam, aka blueandorange4life, at your service
I'm Brian, when I infrequently post, its as BVS.
Hey guys, just saw this now. It's cstroh8
I am not a poster at AA but I love to stalk the site. Always a great way to liven up a boring afternoon working. I'm Liberty