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Okay, it seems the evening of the 24th would work best for everyone. I'll set the time for 9 pm, as that was requested, but enough squawking by the rest of you could make it an earlier draft if need be. Otherwise, LGM!
Kidding! Yahoo says no drafts between 5 and 11 pm that day, so 5 pm it is. See you then!
Are their later times available the Sunday before that (3/17)? I only ask because I may be going to visit my wife's aging grandmother in Stamford and if I do I won't be back before the draft.
It seems some people will be unavailable for the 17th, but 'll change it if enough people prefer it. I am easy like Sunday morning.
If that's the case, I can just go with her on the 17th so I have an out for the 24th
So what's the word? Are we doing the 24th?