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Fantasy Baseball 2013

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So this league has no bench?

If my autodraft has filled every position but, say, 3B, instead of taking the best player (most highly ranked) player available, Yahoo will draft a 3B for me?

When a good player goes on the DL during the season, I either have to leave him in my lineup or drop him?

According to the settings, we have 5 bench spots & 5 dl spots
This is correct. It seemed an excessive number of spots to me, but it's what the original league had, so I figured I'd make it that way to be as close as possible. Yahoo just told me I can add a "N/A" slot to each team, though, which I think I'll do so that everyone can grab their favorite prospect for later in the year. Dibs on Wheeler!
Hey did we ever add that N/A slot? I have a player that would fit nicely there but it's not showing up as an option