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2 Issues . . .

DISABLED LIST: I need to put Lawrie & Motte on the DL, but it's not an option. This means that their respective teams haven't made the decision official, right? Or am I doing it wrong? (I see that the Shoemakers have DL'd Freese. So the Cards put Freese on the DL already, but not Motte. In this case, why are the Cardinals such a persistent pain in the ass?)

DAILY LINEUP CHANGES: The only leagues I've played in have featured linueps set weekly. Sunday night, set it and forget it. Is it normal to juggle SPs in this format to maximize appearances? As in, after Price's start, I get EJax in there for his turn with the Cubs, then put Price back?

Thanks in advance for anything that informs, amuses, or insults me. (Especially the latter.)

You can place your players on my DL anytime you like, just trade them to me for my bench pieces (so I'll have roster space to accommodate them of course). I charge a small one-time fee of 500$ to processes these transactions though.

Really though I have the same problem in another league with Hanley Ramirez. They haven't offiically DLed him yet, so I cant stash him away and replace him. Sort of annoying, but can't be helped.

As for the swapping pitchers, I know in my other league it seems to be a good idea to rotate through them as much as possible to maximize starts (to a kind of absurd level in that league because the scoring system is broken to the point of not even being fun, but thats another story). It really depends on waht stats you're looking to win though. More innings means more K's but it also means more opportunities for a pitcher to blow up your ERA or WHIP stats, so you want to pick your battles a little bit. It really depends on who you're matched up against week to week.
Thanks for the reply, Jeff. Check's in the mail!

Really my only concern is rotating Jered Weaver and CJ Wilson back and forth, since they'll never be pitching in the same game. Can I set my lineup today to include JW through Monday, then switch to Wilson, then switch back? (I tried this, but the change didn't hold. Maybe I did it wrong? Or is this not possible?)

I'm also in a points league that seems a bit too complicated for its own good, so we'll have to discuss that a bit.

Also, what's the difference between the following league settings for linuep:

Daily - Today (like this league)

Daily - Tomorrow (my points league)

I'd guess "tomorrow" means you have to make changes to your lineup 24 hours in advance, whereas "today" means you can change them up until the game begins (or soon before it).
OK, I figured it.

Either league lets you change your lineup on the day of the game.

The difference is when you pick up a FA. I picked up Youk today and put him right into my lineup for today.

With the tomorrow setting, a FA you pick up today can't be in your lineup until tomorrow at the earliest.