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Bluebird Red Panda League Message Board

No Live Draft?

Can we do a live online draft, please and thanks? I'd prefer auction but snake would be acceptable.
I did a live draft last night. How many teams can we draft?
I'm used to snake drafts, have never done an auction draft.

I'd have more affinity to a live draft as well. Auction or snake both work for me. Not a necessity obviously, but live drafts are always my preference.

I also think live drafts are great but it's hard enough to coordinate a time that works for 12 people let alone 20.

If we do manage to pull it off though, I prefer snake drafts :)

Even if not everybody can make it, you can at least do your own rankings ahead of time and end up with a team that's at least partially your own.
Yea I have nothing against a live draw if the majority is OK with it and can secure a time. is a good way to schedule...

Just a reminder if you miss the draft... there's no cryin' in fantasy baseball.

I'd like a live draft too. I'd prefer it to be a snake draft if possible.
I'd also prefer a live draft, but won't make a fuss if I either have to miss it, or if we do an autodraft.
I am for live draft as well, ok with autodraft
Same here, I'd prefer a live draft, if I can't make the time then that's okay.
Auto Draft makes the league more active with trades and waiver claims. You avoid having a major advantage to those that show up. Its next to impossible to schedule a time that works for everyone, and frankly, isn't worth anybody's time in a league this size.
Auto draft or not..I am OK I'd probably won't be able to do a full on live draft considering the number of teams here (That draft will take 2 hours at least). If we do live-draft, I would probably pick some few players, and then let Yahoo do the rest. I probably would do some pre-ranking and plunk out undesired players that will be out because of injuries or I just simply don't like (Hi, A Rod).
Personally I'm not interested in an autodraft. If people don't show up for a draft they shouldn't be in the league. My two cents.
That's a bit harsh... especially considering there are 20 guys in the league.

From my POV, I understand the logic with auto and it probably makes the most sense for this year, but still prefer live drafts.
@Paul I don't think you can expect 20 people to find a common time to do a draft....
I can live with autodraft. I won't like it, but the autodraft isn't stupid. I like auctions, but near the end it got real tedious.

So are we settled on the auto draft?  Since I haven't done one in so long... how does it work in terms of the timing?  I'm guessing you schedule the date and it runs overnight or something like that?