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Bluebird Red Panda League Message Board

Let's do this democratically... Vote by Monday the 25th.

  1. Live Draft

    11 votes
  2. Auto Draft

    4 votes
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Auto... Im out if its a live draft im not commiting to a 3 hour session and if I don't my team will be at a severe disadvantage
if i don't live draft*
If you can't make the live draft, pre-rank your players and it will be the same as an off-line draft. Then the rest of us who want a live one can still have one and you get the same result.
Thats insanely inaccurate. A live draft is dynamic and when players are going to be picked depend greatly on the flow of the draft, when pitchers start to be picked etc.

Im all for democracy but don't try and fill me up with koolaid!
Don't worry if you don't want to stay it's completely fine. But decide to stay or leave by Tuesday morning after the poll ends. Don't worry about leaving an odd number of teams since there was a lot of interest at first. This is supposed to be a fun do diversion and if you feel like you're not having fun it's best to exit now.

Just a question about the date of the draft. Does the third week of march mean before the 22nd? I'll be leaving the country for a week on that day and if the draft is during that time I'd miss out. I understand that is part of the risk of scheduling a live draft but I was just wondering for clarification.

I voted live draft, but I don't mind autodraft.

For those concerned, I won a couple of Yahoo leagues in the early 00s with autodraft. BTW The autodraft is not a bad idea as it isn't prone to making weird picks like I did last year (sigh.)
If we decide on a live draft (and it looks like we will) can I just request that it not be on a Saturday as VodkaInAJaysMug and I will be unable to attend.


I voted for a Live Draft, which is my preference, but I'm also going to be traveling from March 6 - 15.
LOL. For those of you who are all expecting the draft date to be modified for one person... this is why the autodraft was the initial option and makes the most sense in a league of 20 people. Having said that, since we've gone with the live draft option democratically and everyone is throwing dates out... I can't make it on the 20, 21, 24 or 27 of March.
I'm not saying that i can't make it on those days. I'm just away and it might be more difficult to do. My thoughts are that if we can find a date that works for the majority of the league we try to do that. If I'm unavailable, I'll set my draft list and let it autopick.
Just to chime in...I am Ok with whenever date is decided for the draft day.  If I am available, I will likely participate in the draft...if I am not, I will have my players pre-ranked..and let Yahoo do its stuff.    Either way, just glad i am part of this.
What he said ^^^^^