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Re: Weekly setting of teams

Am I in the minority for wanting a daily setting mode (as in, set your team for each day instead of week)? Is it even possible to change that at this point?
I like the idea. I second the motion.
I also vote for daily lineup changes.
I vote for weekly setting. Daily set up is too time consuming for me
I want daily. See the other thread. :)
It's not like you HAVE to do it daily. If you want, you can set it for every week in a daily setting too. I just like having the option of daily settings, easily to deal with injuries and etc.
easier* not easily

Yes please, the weekly settings are horrible. I assumed it was daily settings so now I got a guy on the bench with an

outfield spot empty all week. Has to be daily settings for sure.

The only problem is that the season already started the way it is. If changed then the first week would be an unfair episode to those who lost and won. I am all up to change it to daily...but if it is not done, so be it.
I don't necessarily agree with that logic. It's not like we're re-drafting here.

I'd prefer daily as well, but now that I've noticed the rules on the weekly, I'll make sure things are set up properly if it isn't changed :p