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I think I don't understand these settings. I thought teams were locked weekly. Today I tried to update my roster, and I can't. It's locked....if we cannot make "moves", what's the purpose of this? Where is the entertainment? I just dropped Pacheco and grabbed Cowgill, but he is now sitting in my bench because I can't move him into my lineup which means I have no one in the utility spot. Please someone explain to me how are these settings?
You have to set it before Monday.
So I am screwed this week?...
Sorry :-(
And with the kinda week Brandon Moss is having.... 9 RBIs already. In my bench. At least my opponent also didn't present the best line up possible for this week, so I may not be that screwed.
It's my first time in a weekly rostered league too, and I just figured this out:

Any time you're inclined to switch up your roster, do it right away for the next week so you don't forget. Just skip ahead to the next Monday roster page and change it there.

Yes, that's what I am doing now. I already set up my roster for next week. One tip, if you do a move, any previous roster rearrangement gets undone. So when adding a player, one needs to preset the roster again.