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    Fantasy Baseball 2013

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    Date Claim Team Bid Result
    Aug 13 2:06amSilveraZ Sluggers$5Added. Dropped
     Barfield of Dreams$1Outbid
    Aug 10 2:48amPitBuehrle$2Added.
     Dickey's Knuckler$1Outbid
    Jun 28 2:00amDickey's Knuckler$6Added. Dropped
    Jun 9 2:20amFlags Fly Forever$3Added. Dropped
    May 27 2:47amFlags Fly Forever$8Added. Dropped
     Call Me Maybin$2Outbid
    May 24 12:52amCall Me Maybin$2Added. Dropped
     Bell Islanders$1Outbid
    May 23 2:06amCall Me Maybin$4Added. Dropped
     Bell Islanders$2Outbid
    May 20 1:54amFlags Fly Forever$2Added. Dropped
     Do Meats Clash?$0Outbid
    May 19 1:11amSlim not Buehrle$2Added. Dropped
     Ultraviolent_Reyes$2Lower waiver priority
    May 15 2:41amFlags Fly Forever$10Added. Dropped
     SilveraZ Sluggers$5Outbid
    May 4 2:04amBell Islanders$1Added. Dropped
     Dickey's Knuckler$1Lower waiver priority
    May 4 2:04amDickey's Knuckler$3Added.
     Bell Islanders$1Outbid
    Apr 30 4:47amBarfield of Dreams$26Added. Dropped
    Apr 29 1:36amFlags Fly Forever$4Added.
     Slim not Buehrle$1Outbid
    Apr 21 1:01amCatch the TASTE!!$6Added. Dropped
    Apr 13 2:49amBell Islanders$3Added. Dropped
     Barfield of Dreams$2Outbid
    Apr 11 2:22amBlue Jays from Away$2Added. Dropped
    Apr 9 1:24amDickey's Knuckler$12Added. Dropped
     Pikachu and Friends$2Outbid
     Call Me Maybin$0Outbid
    Apr 9 1:24amCall Me Maybin$5Added.
     Bell Islanders$2Outbid
    Apr 8 1:47amBell Islanders$2Added. Dropped
     Call Me Maybin$0Outbid
    Apr 7 1:48amFlags Fly Forever$2Added. Dropped
     Call Me Maybin$0Outbid
    Mar 19 12:47amFlags Fly Forever$10Added. Dropped
     Bell Islanders$1Outbid
     Call Me Maybin$0Outbid