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Northwesterner er er

A word of advice, I know the Northwesterner... Seen him every few years. We've shared some adult beverages, a late night dessert with the Rev, We befriended a random dude at the craps table in Vegas who two days later was seen wearing Halos Heaven swag and saw Sponge Square Pants playing the slots. My mind was blown, giddy like a school girl going to a Jonas Brothers concert, While I was getting kicked off a Pai Gow table; Northwestern was composed. Playing blackjack with Northwestern and Lancaster and seeing Lancaster clean up the table after reading a "How to Play Black Jack", he was composed. Wondering where in the hell is Alan Falcon is; Northwestern is making bets on soccer games with YWC and winning. He is composed, a man of few words, a phantom on Halos Heaven; but always present. Watch out for the Northwesterner.
I can vouch for the facts as stated here. That they have become legend does not change the fundamental reality herein.
Basically I'm a jellyfish in an ocean filled with sharks. Silently drifting along, minding my own business. But instead of biting an appendage off, you'll need a friend to pee on you.

The lesson here? Chicks dig scars. But friends will never let you forget the time they urinated on your stomach.

There are 19 teams in the league that are going to need call R. Kelly once I'm finished winning this thing.

Northwesternererers Out.