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Fantasy Baseball 2013

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Tips Part Deux

I am going to Vegas this weekend for the first time and doing a fantasy baseball draft. I am staying at the Flamingo. It is on the strip. Any notes or tips to make the weekend kick ass? Planning on spending a lot time in the sports book betting March Madness.

if you can, avoid moving your car while on the strip. Parking is a hassle and its hard to get down the strip in a car

Get your sports bets in as early as possible. The lines can be brutual while the games are going on.

I've found the best sports odds can be found at the automated kiosk near the bar at the Gold Spike. Beware of winning too much. Hand payouts are common and tend to take alot of time.

Oregon over OSU. Try to find a womens soccer game to parlay it with.

Don't be ashamed about autopicking Sunday's draft if you're having too much fun. Just make sure you adjust your rankings to move Mike Trout out of the top spot and down to the 3rd round.

I'll see you around then. That's where I work at...
Hopefully you headed my advice on betting Oregon. Another tip. VCU. Its the HAVOC you fear.
Disregard any message about VCU. Funds will be better spent at the ElCo Pai Gow table.