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Week 16

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Brock Holt Bos - 1B,2B,3B,SS,LF,CF,RF
To Waivers
Forza_Azzurri Jul 28, 4:16 am avatar
Fernando Rodney Sea - RP
To Waivers
LIcey Tigers Jul 27, 7:26 am avatar
Nick Ahmed Ari - SS
To Waivers
Tragically Hip Jul 27, 6:52 am avatar
Miguel González Bal - SP
To Waivers
Rabid Pheasants Jul 27, 6:09 am avatar
Wade Miley Bos - SP
Free Agent
Kendall Graveman Oak - SP,RP
To Waivers
Hardliners Jul 27, 3:47 am avatar
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Commish Vinnie... I can't make any changes in my team... by --hidden-- (LIcey Tigers) Jul 20 2:20 am by --hidden-- (Forza_Azzurri)
120 outs pitched per week by --hidden-- (Forza_Azzurri) Jul 16 10:53 am by --hidden-- (Tragically Hip)
All-Star week scoring in Fantasy Baseball Having the All-S by --hidden-- (Forza_Azzurri) Jul 13 3:38 am by --hidden-- (Forza_Azzurri)
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Commish Updates

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    As of today, Saturday July 11th,

    I have taken over YADI's (Trebek) team. This is inexcusable and blatantly irresponsible of him,
    I'm too old to have to baby-sit veteran managers,
    the reason I've allowed you in my leagues, is because I believed you to be a dedicated and active manager,
    Trebek is now off my NFL and any other leagues going forward.

    Last week (Thursday, July 2nd), after announcing that he had missed 3 of 12 weeks I noticed today that he also missed the minimum inning requirement on week #13 for a 4th time this year.

    Well, as of this moment, he has 31 innings and two pitchers scheduled to start today for week #14 but, they were on the bench and one of them, on the DL for at least two weeks.

    I managed to get Hisashi Iwakuma Sea - SP out of the DL, where he has been all of this time and insert him in the starting line-up for today, hopefully he pitches 9 innings and YADI's team gains 40 innings for the week..
    I was NOT able to move Mark Buehrle Tor - SP because his game (7-inning) had already started.

    I will maintain vigil over other managers who fail to meet their weekly minimum requirement for their teams and also lock them out and find a replacement as well as removing them from other leagues going forward.

    Thanks a lot,
    dis is vinnie.
    Jul 11 4:07pm
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    We will keep the rules we started with this year....
    We will NOT change any rules until AFTER the 2016 draft.

    Changes to the number of keepers we (me in particular) make....
    will be made AFTER the 2016 draft....

    I other words... in MARCH of 2016....
    we will be expected to submit 14 keepers.... (drafted in rounds #10 through #23)....
    IF... they are still on our rosters in October 1st 2015.... The same as we did this year.

    After we draft in March/April 2016, we may decide to change and KEEP players drafted in rounds #7 through 23....
    and NOT keep players in the first 6 rounds.

    This to keep inline the most basic and fundamental rules we all live by, to not change the rules DURING the draft or if it has not made clear at the start.

    Good luck every one.
    dis is vinnie.

    Please review the settings once again.
    I will implement a 2nd N/A for next year's settings and for the 2016 campaign... not 2015.
    Apr 5 8:18am

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