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Grand Slam Trophy ProPoints1 (ID# 2151)

Grand Slam Trophy ProPoints1

Week 25

Week 25 - Final Results

Championship Bracket

Consolation Bracket

" 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Finished
avatar LA Islanderavatar Hammer The Point$ 14avatar Glassbreakers--
Week 23: Sep 8 - Sep 14
4avatar NATI REDS 296.73
5avatar NY ARROWS 259.43
3avatar LA Islander 194.98
6avatar Batmen 185.57
Week 24: Sep 15 - Sep 21
4avatar NATI REDS 214.20
3avatar LA Islander 290.80
Week 25: Sep 22 - Sep 28
3avatar LA Islander 279.54
3rd Place Game
4avatar NATI REDS 187.11
T.J. House Cle - SP,RP
Free Agent
Stephen Strasburg Was - SP
To Waivers
Hammer The Point$ 14 Sep 27, 6:59 pm avatar
Kevin Pillar Tor - LF,CF
Free Agent
Anibal Sánchez Det - SP
To Waivers
2001 Atlanta Braves Sep 27, 4:40 pm avatar
Randal Grichuk StL - CF,RF
Free Agent
Samuel Deduno Hou - SP,RP
To Waivers
2001 Atlanta Braves Sep 27, 4:39 pm avatar
Jake Lamb Ari - 3B
Free Agent
Billy Hamilton Cin - CF
To Waivers
2001 Atlanta Braves Sep 27, 4:39 pm avatar
Chris Heston SF - RP
Free Agent
Joe Kelly Bos - SP,RP
To Waivers
NATI REDS Sep 27, 1:31 pm avatar
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Commish Updates

  • Oct 9 5:38pm
    Commissioner: Harry Rowley
    4609 Wellfield Road
    Port Orange, Fl. 32129

    Rules: 1. A team may be locked if any GM is determined to own two teams, non-excused inactivity for two consecutive weeks, threats made against another GM or if players are dropped or misplayed for the purpose of disrupting the league.
    2. A team may be locked from the message board for excessive rudeness or cursing. A team may be locked from trading if guilty of making/accepting excessively unfair trade proposals, especially if designed for the purpose of detriment to the league.
    3. Inactive teams will receive weekly minimal maintenance. Teams that are inactive consecutively for 2 weeks, unexcused, which do not respond to correspondence, will be subject to replacement. Paying GMs will receive all team earnings.
    4. This league purse will be deducted a $80 administrative fee. A $200 Playoff Pot will be deducted to pay 2nd through 7th playoff positions.
    5. All GMs who stay active through the last week of the playoffs will retain the right to be re-invited to next season. The drafting order of next season will be determined by the final finishing order of this season. Non-playoff teams will draft before playoff teams. Consolation Playoff teams (if any) will draft before Playoff Teams. All returning GMs will draft before new GMs. Alternatives will draft next and new GMs will draft in order of entry into the league. Commissioner will always draft last. Returning GMs who do not stay active to the bitter end will draft behind everybody else. Playoff teams will draft in Inverted Order.

    League Purse: $850 + Playoff Pot
    Regular Season Champ: $212.50 - Hammer The Points (paid)
    Other Divisional Winner: $127.50 - Glassbreakers
    Top Wild Card Team: $127.50 - LA Islander (paid)
    League Champion: $255 - LA Islander (paid)
    Runner-up Champ: $127.50 - Hammer the Points (paid)

    Playoff Pot: $200
    3rd: $70 - Glassbreakers
    4th: $45 - Nati Reds (paid)
    5th: $40 - 2001 Atlanta Braves (paid)
    6th: $25 - New York Arrows (paid)
    7th: $20 - Batmen (paid)

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Mr. Clutch (MLB)

You started a batter who hit a grand slam -- clutch move, my friend.

Won by: --hidden--
Date earned: May 22, 2014

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