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Miller Park Outfit (ID# 49246)

Miller Park Outfit

Current Standings
Rank Team Points Pts Change Pts Back Waiver Moves
1 avatar No Pitch Count 112.5 1 - 13 26
2 avatar The .500 Whitesox 110 0.5 2.5 15 8
3 avatar Phanatics 96.5 0 16 11 14
4 avatar How about U? 93 0.5 19.5 12 42
4 avatar Team Silva D 93 -0.5 19.5 10 8
6 avatar auburn magic 84.5 -5 28 14 14
7 avatar Colts 81.5 -0.5 31 5 3
8 avatar Black Sox 78.5 -0.5 34 7 16
9 avatar Palomas 72 4 40.5 2 -
9 avatar wwwRLDbooKSorg 72 2 40.5 1 -
11 avatar Miracle Braves 67.5 0 45 9 14
12 avatar Jacob's Crazy Team 66.5 2 46 3 -
13 avatar Bayern 65.5 -1.5 47 6 5
14 avatar k's Quality Team 56 -3.5 56.5 8 17
15 avatar Chad's Team 51 1.5 61.5 4 -
Last standings update: Tue Jul 22 12:28am PDT
Jarrod Dyson KC - CF
To Waivers
Team Silva D Jul 22, 5:55 pm avatar
Mookie Betts Bos - SS,RF NA
To Waivers
No Pitch Count Jul 22, 1:26 pm avatar
Mike Zunino Sea - C
To Waivers
Phanatics Jul 21, 1:22 pm avatar
Denard Span Was - CF
Adam Eaton CWS - LF,CF
To Waivers
The .500 Whitesox Jul 21, 2:03 am avatar
Drew Stubbs Col - CF,RF
Jon Jay StL - LF,CF,RF
To Waivers
The .500 Whitesox Jul 21, 2:03 am avatar
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weird count by A Yahoo User (How about U?) 4 days ago by A Yahoo User (How about U?)
why are we scoring commish - I thought May 1 was start date by A Yahoo User (Phanatics) May 1 3:22 pm by A Yahoo User (Miracle Braves)
New fantasy team every day! by A Yahoo User (Jacob's Crazy Team) Apr 21 2:55 pm by A Yahoo User (Jacob's Crazy Team)

Commish Updates

  • Apr 20 8:56am
    This league will start scoring on Thursday, May 1st. It is that late and playing time limits are set to 108 games & 1000 IP because it is to highlight the important part of the season. In my opinion, baseball season is about two months too long, so my focus with this league is to eliminate the 'feeling out' month of April, along with the roster expanded, and for most teams, meaningless month of September. Only the meat of the season is included, or when baseball, I believe, is at its best. It is a good idea to watch your game & innings limits to ensure you're getting the highest quality performances you can.

    The scoring breakdown also follows this thinking, highlighting what makes a player great, instead of his situation. Batting average is overrated, as in today's game, OBP is the true marker between good and bad offense. Fielding % follows as well. I have never been OK with its ignorance in fantasy baseball. Defense exists in every sport, real or fantasy, so it should exist in fantasy baseball as well. HR and RBI, are still one of the only ways to measure a batters ability to move the numbers on the scoreboard with a single at bat. SB are key as well, but getting caught will set your team back.

    Pitching, for obvious reasons, is valued slightly differently. Wins are possibly the most overrated stat in all of sports, meaning Quality Starts is the way to go. We'll also use Net Saves & Holds for a more realistic experience. Since winning games involves good pitching from start to finish, every pitcher is equally valued, from starters, to the 7th/8th inning guys, to the closers. And much like with SB, a blown lead will set you back, no matter what inning the reliever pitches in real life. Baseball in 2014 has specialized roles for relievers, but this way we take the decisions out of the real-life manager's hands, and into yours. Much like they attempt to do, you want the guys in who will hold the lead and bench the guys struggling. Strikeouts, of course, are special since they don't allow balls-in-play. ERA & WHIP are pretty self-explanatory, since keeping runs off the board and runners off base is necessary to quality pitching.

    On each side of the ball, the two % stats are for season consistency from your entire team, and the other three are to correctly portray the accomplishment of the entire season.

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