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Pikers (ID# 79009)


Current Standings
Rank Team Points Pts Change Pts Back Waiver Moves
1 avatar Gunns 68.5 1.5 - 2 10
2 avatar Cozart Operations I 66 1 2.5 8 15
3 avatar nyankos 64.5 -4.5 4 5 14
4 avatar kirbs's Team 60.5 2.5 8 7 6
5 avatar Abrams Tanks 58.5 -2.5 10 1 9
6 avatar The Goats 54.5 -1 14 4 8
7 avatar White Flock 49 1.5 19.5 10 10
8 avatar arson337 46 1 22.5 9 15
9 avatar Expos 42.5 -2.5 26 3 3
10 avatar Ripsnortin' Rhinos 40 3 28.5 6 8
Last standings update: Sun Apr 26 12:52am PDT
Welington Castillo ChC - C
Free Agent
Gunns Apr 25, 6:16 pm avatar
Michael McKenry Col - C
Free Agent
The Goats Apr 25, 5:54 am avatar
Randal Grichuk StL - OF DL
Free Agent
Grady Sizemore Phi - OF
To Waivers
The Goats Apr 25, 5:47 am avatar
Skip Schumaker Cin - 2B,OF
Free Agent
The Goats Apr 25, 5:45 am avatar
Yusmeiro Petit SF - P
To Waivers
Abrams Tanks Apr 24, 12:53 pm avatar
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In Conclusion = Bryant by --hidden-- (Gunns) 3 days ago by --hidden-- (Cozart Operations I)
Bryant by --hidden-- (nyankos) 6 days ago by --hidden-- (nyankos)
Waivers by --hidden-- (Cozart Operations I) 6 days ago by --hidden-- (Cozart Operations I)
Wow by --hidden-- (Cozart Operations I) Apr 18 3:03 am by --hidden-- (Cozart Operations I)
too funny,,,, by --hidden-- (Ripsnortin' Rhinos) Apr 17 5:11 am by --hidden-- (Abrams Tanks)

Commish Updates

avatar Commish Gunns
  • Apr 14 8:31am
    WTF ??????

    Is it really that hard to understand?....REALLY ?
    If a player has an NA next to him, that player can NOT be picked up!!!!!!!!
    NO Exceptions.
    From this point forward, if an owner picks up Bryant with NA still present you will be removed from picking him up when he is eligible. NO EXCEPTIONS !
    Flock = I understand that you (computer) drafted Bryant, but at the time he was not eligible. That’s why so many of us on draft night passed on him due to his NA status.
    The rules are easy, and there is only ONE rule that is adhered to = NO NA PLAYERS!
  • Apr 7 8:07am
    Baseball is Underway !!! Woo-Hoo

    Was nice to see the majority of everyone at the draft on Saturday. Hope you got the player(s) you coveted.
    Just a quick response to a few owners who have emailed me,,,,
    Yea, we have to drop/get rid of any and all NA players on your team. The night of the draft and subsequent days afterward, it was difficult to actually determine NA players and DL players.
    However, we ALL need to adhere to the NA player rule.
    On Friday (04-10-15), I will review everyone's team and make the Commish changes as needed.

    This should be the last Commish Update for awhile, but at the same time, please let me know of any requests, or changes or even gripes if necessary.
    OUR league, so lets enjoy the games and have some quality lolly-gag couch time !
  • Apr 4 12:41pm
    Showtime !
    We are hours away from the draft and I hope everyone can make it.
    I just wanted to touch one topic that is pretty much the MAIN rule we abide by in the league.
    There is to be NO N/A players on your team. As ironic it would be ,,,lets use the Cubs Bryant as our example.
    He is scheduled to come up later this month and until Yahoo officially activates him, he has a N/A (not active) by his name. Until the N/A is officially dropped from his name, he can not be picked up or owned. Everyone (including myself) will have to continuously check and refresh to acquire him the correct way.
    With Commish tools you can view time stamping.
    So in a nut shell.... no N/A players on your team.

    Other than that, Lets do this and All have fun this season !
    Opening Day should be a holiday.
  • Mar 25 9:10am
    Good Morning Everyone !
    I have spoken with pretty much everyone, and the general consensus is to "test drive" the Bench position as well as maintaining the DL positions this season.
    Not set in stone, but as for now it appears that we will go with
    1 Bench and 4 DL spots.
    During the season, we have had an influx of Bereavement leave involving players and I feel the Bench player can remedy some of that.
    Same time, if everyone would like to add another Bench (making 2 total), we can adjust as needed.
    This weekend, I will make Commish changes to reflect the new upgrades.
    Tell me your thoughts and we can all decide !
    Kirbs're one of us for better or is your view?
    Opened the league again for public entry. Thought I had us two good owners, however they bitched about wanting American League as well.
    NOT interested in disappointing managers or inserted ringers. Just want a fun and competitive league !
    Tick-Tock,,, 10 more days till draft time !
    Has anyone heard anything on this Cubs rookie Bryant? Curious how his spring is and if he will be above AA ball LOL
    I predict a future Goats addition ! Too bad he is NO Tuffy Rhodes
  • Mar 18 9:18am
    When everyone has the chance, please look over Sparky's ideas. I'm awaiting to hear from a few other owners in reference to the Bench player thought.
    Throw your ideas and inputs in guys and lets lock down our settings.
    Thoughts on Bench Players? As of now it is set up for 5 DL (disabled) players and NO bench players.
    The ONLY rule that we all adhere to is NO picking up or acquiring NA players until they have been officially activated by Yahoo.
    We will get into that a little more before the draft.
    Again, l appreciate the input,,,keep the thoughts coming !
  • Mar 13 1:04pm
    Hey Guys,,,,
    Great Question,,,,,,NOT doing a keeper league this year due to having to replace some owners. However, I would love for us to have 2016 be a keeper league as well as having an all get together draft where we could have a 3 day weekend and get out of the house. lol
    As always, this is OUR league and we all have equal input.
    Let me know your thoughts, and we can make it happen !
    Post your suggestions and ideas here or it is cool to text me and tell me your preference if you would like....

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