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  • Bronze 591 (-3)
    Fantasy Baseball Levels
    Ratings and Levels measure your performance against your opponents, based on your gameplay in Head-to-Head Leagues only.
    Level Rating Percentiles
    diamond level Diamond 900+ 99th
    platinum level Platinum 800-899 95th-98th
    gold level Gold 700-799 81st-94th
    silver level Silver 600-699 60th-80th
    bronze level Bronze 0-599 0-59th
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  • 153-173-10 7th Place
  • Week 24 vs Decent Fantasy Team • 8th
    Won Week 24 vs Decent Fantasy Team

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    • BABIP - Batting Average on Balls in Play
    • FB% - Fly Ball Percentage
    • FB - Fly Balls
    • GB% - Ground Ball Percentage
    • GB/FB - Ground ball to fly ball hit ratio
    • HR/FB - Home Run to Fly Ball Rate
    • ISO - Isolated Power
    • P/PA - Pitches to per Plate Appearance
    • RC - Runs Created
    • SB% - Stolen-base Percentage
    • SL - Strikeout Looking
    • TOB - Times on Base
    • bWAR - Batting Wins Above Replacement
    • brWAR - Baserunning Wins Above Replacement
    • wOBA - Weighted On Base Average
    • wRAA - Weighted Runs Above Average
    • AVG - Opponent Batting Average
    • BABIP - Batting Average on Balls in Play
    • ERA- - ERA Minus
    • FB - Fly Balls Allowed
    • FB% - Fly Ball Percentage
    • FIP - Fielding Independent Pitching
    • GB - Ground Balls Allowed
    • GB% - Ground Ball Percentage
    • GB/FB - Ground Ball to Fly Ball Ratio
    • HR/FB - Home Run to Fly Ball Rate
    • IR - Inherited Runners
    • IRS% - Inherited Runners Scored Percentage
    • OBP - Opponent On Base Percentage
    • P/IP - Pitches Per Inning
    • P/S - Pitches Per Start
    • SLG - Opponent Slugging Percentage
    • STR - Inherted Runners Stranded
    • WAR - Wins Against Replacement

    Legends and Glossaries

    The Fine Print

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    Stat corrections are applied on Wednesday, Oct 5.
    All game times are shown in PDT.

    Details Legend

    Pre-SeasonPlayer's fantasy ranking based on pre-season projections
    CurrentPlayer's current fantasy ranking based on stats filter selected
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    Probable Starter (announced for starting lineup)
    Probable spot in batting order (based on announced starting line-ups)
    Batter Not in Starting Lineup (may still play)
    Player Status
    ILInjured List
    NANot Active
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    Stat Categories

    AbbreviationWhat it Means
    GPGames Played
    GSGames Started
    AVGBatting Average
    OBPOn-base Percentage
    SLGSlugging Percentage
    ABAt Bats
    HRHome Runs
    RBIRuns Batted In
    SHSacrifice Hits
    SFSacrifice Flys
    SBStolen Bases
    CSCaught Stealing
    IBBIntentional Walks
    HBPHit By Pitch
    GIDPGround Into Double Play
    OPSOn-base + Slugging Percentage
    TBTotal Bases
    POPut Outs
    FPCTFielding Percentage
    XBHExtra Base Hits
    NSBNet Stolen Bases
    SB%Stolen Base Percentage
    CYCHitting for the Cycle
    PAPlate Appearances
    SLAMGrand Slam Home Runs
    OFAOutfield Assists
    DPTDouble Plays Turned
    CICatcher Interference
    TotalTotal Standard Deviation
    AbbreviationWhat it Means
    GSGames Started
    ERAEarned Run Average
    WHIP(Walks + Hits) / Innings Pitched
    CGCompleted Games
    TBFTotal Batters Faced
    EREarned Runs
    HRHome Runs
    IBBIntentional Walks
    HBPHit Batters
    WPWild Pitches
    SBStolen Bases Allowed
    GIDPBatters Grounded Into Double Plays
    SVOPSave Chances
    K/9Strikeouts per Nine Innings
    K/BBStrikeout to Walk Ratio
    TBTotal Bases Allowed
    IPInnings Pitched
    PCPitch Count
    2BADoubles Allowed
    3BATriples Allowed
    RWRelief Wins
    RLRelief Losses
    RAPPRelief Appearances
    OBPAOn-base Percentage Against
    WIN%Winning Percentage
    1BASingles Allowed
    H/9Hits Per Nine Innings
    BB/9Walks Per Nine Innings
    NHNo Hitters
    PGPerfect Games
    SV%Save Percentage
    IRAInherited Runners Scored
    QSQuality Starts
    BSVBlown Saves
    NSVNet Saves
    TotalTotal Standard Deviation

    Positions Legend

    Pos What it Means Who is Eligible
    1B First Base Only first basemen
    2B Second Base Only second basemen
    3B Third Base Only third basemen
    SS Shortstop Only Shortstops
    C Catcher Only catchers
    CI Corner Infield Any first or third baseman
    MI Middle Infield Any second baseman or shortstop
    IF Infield Any infielder
    LF Left Field Only left fielders
    CF Center Field Only center fielders
    RF Right Field Only right fielders
    OF Outfield Any left, center or right fielder
    Util Utility Any non-pitcher
    SP Starting Pitcher Only starting pitchers
    RP Relief Pitcher Only relief pitchers
    P Pitcher Any starting or relief pitcher
    BN Bench Any player
    IL Injured List Any player on real-life IL
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    Minimum Innings Pitched

    Total for Week 24:
    45.0 IP Minimum Reached

    Note: Each week, your pitching staff must total a minimum of 35 innings pitched. If you fail to reach this mark, you will lose all of your pitching games for that week.

    This section will show you an updated total each morning. The numbers will appear red until you have reached the requirement.