Team Name Manager Email Waiver Budget Waiver Priority Moves Trades
logo Decent Fantasy Team--hidden----hidden--$901067 1
logo J.R. Junior Juniors Jr--hidden----hidden--$84494 0
logo Land of the Fried--hidden----hidden--$100330 0
logo StuntinLikeMyVladdy--hidden----hidden--$10076 1
logo Taco Bell--hidden----hidden--$82575 0
logo Takes Juan to know Juan--hidden----hidden--$1001101 0
logo The Devil’s Meatloaf--hidden----hidden--$100622 0
logo The Hurt Locker--hidden----hidden--$100964 0
logo The Jazz Age--hidden----hidden--$572103 0
logo TRIPLE PLAY 96--hidden----hidden--$981160 0
logo WontYouBeMyGleyber?--hidden----hidden--$40879 1
logo You let me 3peat!!!--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--$212161 1
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner