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Fantasy Baseball 2013

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Date Player Type From To By
Sep 28 7:31amDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 27 8:23amDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 23 11:45amDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 23 11:41amDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 23 11:36amDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 22 5:14amDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 21 6:31amDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 21 6:30amDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 20 11:17amDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 20 11:16amDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 19 10:32pmDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 19 10:25pmDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 16 10:52amDropMookie's BallsWaivers--hidden--
Sep 16 10:50amDropMookie's BallsWaivers--hidden--
Sep 16 10:49amDropMookie's BallsWaivers--hidden--
Sep 16 6:44amDropdArnaud Pun IntendedWaivers--hidden--
Sep 15 12:27pmDropJohn Buck's MaskWaivers--hidden--
Sep 15 6:24amDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 15 6:21amDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--
Sep 14 7:36amDropSpectresWaivers--hidden--
Sep 13 3:36pmDropJohn Buck's MaskWaivers--hidden--
Sep 13 3:36pmDropJohn Buck's MaskWaivers--hidden--
Sep 13 6:00amDropSpectresWaivers--hidden--
Sep 12 11:03amDropjhMLBWaivers--hidden--