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Team Name Manager Email Waiver Priority Moves Trades Last League Activity
logo Charlie’s Angels--hidden----hidden--1125 0 Wed Aug 17 9:36am PDT
logo Charlton Athletics--hidden----hidden--1353 0 Wed Aug 17 9:14am PDT
logo Haughey Monsters--hidden----hidden--347 0 Wed Aug 17 2:37am PDT
logo Mighty Mighty BoSox--hidden----hidden--722 0 Wed Aug 17 12:33am PDT
logo MK Bombs--hidden----hidden--168 0 Wed Aug 17 4:18am PDT
logo Mookie the Cat--hidden----hidden--961 0 Wed Aug 17 9:40pm PDT
logo No ItchyRow--hidden----hidden--613 0 Tue Aug 16 7:46am PDT
logo Number Thirty Four--hidden----hidden--1076 0 Wed Aug 17 1:40am PDT
logo Science Maniacs UK--hidden----hidden--434 0 Tue Aug 16 10:04am PDT
logo Sealth Bombers--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--525 0 Wed Aug 17 12:37pm PDT
logo Secret Agents--hidden----hidden--2142 0 Tue Aug 16 9:30pm PDT
logo Sportland Mavericks--hidden----hidden--1269 0 Wed Aug 17 12:37pm PDT
logo Ted&Yaz&Manny&Me--hidden----hidden--841 0 Wed Aug 17 1:47pm PDT
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner