Team Name Manager Email Waiver Priority Moves Trades Last League Activity
logo Bham Beer Monsters--hidden----hidden--1367 0 Sat Aug 13 4:18am PDT
logo Cobra K--hidden----hidden--739 0 Sun Aug 14 7:33am PDT
logo Coliseum Catfish--hidden----hidden--323 0 Fri Aug 12 4:44pm PDT
logo Dorset bombers--hidden----hidden--516 0 Sun Aug 14 1:58am PDT
logo Fly Away Cubs--hidden----hidden--840 0 Sat Aug 13 10:00am PDT
logo Hey Mr Baseman--hidden----hidden--1227 0 Sun Aug 14 7:06am PDT
logo Lydney Pirates--hidden----hidden--922 0 Sun Aug 14 1:24am PDT
logo Prop-Up Pirates--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--40 0 Sun Jul 17 7:09am PDT
logo Tetbury Titans--hidden----hidden--210 0 Fri Aug 12 9:50am PDT
logo Torquay Mariners--hidden----hidden--1171 0 Sat Aug 13 12:37pm PDT
logo Urban Jays--hidden----hidden--660 0 Sun Aug 14 1:16am PDT
logo Wiltshire Warriors--hidden----hidden--10 0 Sun Apr 3 5:46am PDT
logo Year of the Cub--hidden----hidden--1051 0 Sun Aug 14 12:32am PDT
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner