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MLB $20K Tuesday Night Baller [$4K to 1st] starts in
Team Name Manager Email Waiver Priority Moves Trades Last League Activity
logo 2 Birds on a Bat--hidden----hidden--52 0 Thu Jun 2 6:17am PDT
logo 2 Limited--hidden----hidden--1312 1 Fri Aug 5 4:46pm PDT
logo Bazza's Bareheads--hidden----hidden--615 0 Mon Aug 8 6:07am PDT
logo Candles bat breakers--hidden----hidden--415 0 Wed Aug 3 1:27am PDT
logo Gallo's Humour--hidden----hidden--1611 0 Sun Aug 7 7:46am PDT
logo Hits and Giggles--hidden----hidden--1117 0 Sun Aug 7 2:32am PDT
logo Jose Abreu's Bombers--hidden----hidden--1517 2 Mon Aug 8 9:37am PDT
logo Limited Ability--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--102 0 Wed Jun 22 2:46am PDT
logo Michael's Expert Team--hidden----hidden--90 0 Sat Mar 26 8:20am PDT
logo Octopus Mets Ltd--hidden----hidden--19 0 Mon Aug 8 11:42pm PDT
logo safe at home ltd--hidden----hidden--20 1 Thu Mar 31 7:52am PDT
logo Science Maniacs UK Ltd--hidden----hidden--1414 0 Fri Aug 5 11:58pm PDT
logo The Sofa Boys--hidden----hidden--310 0 Sun Aug 7 4:52am PDT
logo Welly BJ’s--hidden----hidden--1211 0 Tue Aug 9 1:21pm PDT
logo When Pumpsie Swings--hidden----hidden--812 0 Tue Aug 9 1:46pm PDT
logo YabbaDabBaddoo--hidden----hidden--714 0 Tue Aug 9 11:28am PDT
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner